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At Tii-Medical, we specialize in bringing your existing models and drawings to life. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to ensure that your vision is executed with utmost precision and accuracy.   In-house heat treating, passivation, laser-marking, and assembly are some of the ways we ensure shorter lead times and provide our customers with high-quality products on time.


  • Bone Taps

  • Trials

  • Drivers

  • Forceps

  • Milti level assemblies

  • Custom instrumentation

  • Distractors

Tii-Medical's 7-axis Swiss machines offer a more efficient solution for manufacturing parts. By reducing lead time and costs compared to traditional mill and lathe operations, Tii-Medical provides a competitive advantage in the industry. With the ability to manufacture a part one set-up, in one machine, Tii-Medical's Swiss machines offer a streamlined solution for precision manufacturing needs.


  • Taps

  • Drivers

  • Trials

  • Single level builds

  • Multi-level builds

  • At Tii-Medical, we take pride in utilizing the latest technology in 3D printing with the Stratasys J55 full color 3D Printer. Our printer is capable of generating realistic objects that can be used across various industries. In the medical field, we can create models from 3D CAD files of tumors in the spine, which can be printed and provided to doctors to prepare for a complex surgery. Additionally, we can create prototype to production products to any scale for your team to review.


    • Medical

    • Dental

    • Jewlery

    • Food Industry

    • Classic cars

    • vintage yachts

    • Prototype in draft gray (sample)

    The process of 3D scanning involves scanning real-life objects and bringing them into virtual world. By an Artec 3D scanner, we can import the scanned object into Solidworks and make modifications such as changing its size, adding new features, or altering its appearance to create a completely new look. Some examples of items to scan are:
    • A casting of a pump that has a crack and a new one is to be manufactured and a model or drawings are not available.

    • A pc off of farm equipment that is not made anymore.

    • The human body to track workout progress for muscle mass or weight loss.


    Tii-Medical offers a seamless process for manufacturing products using Solidworks. Customers can provide a 3D model, which we can use to create multi-level details and operation sheets for our employees and suppliers. This helps to ensure a high-quality end product and eliminates guesswork.


    • Helps find interferience fits in the design

    • Supports fit and function of detail

    • for new customer designs helps find manufacturing issues before they arise.

    • Better control of manufacturing processes

    • Cuts down on lead time to be able to work from a model and not have to recreate.

    Tii-Medical is the reliable partner for your manufacturing needs. Our collaborative sales hub simplifies the process by bringing together multiple approved suppliers to support your project. We offer vertically integrated solutions that guarantee quality products are delivered on time. Let us be your source for your projects manufacturing needs.


    • Drills

    • Taps

    • Reamers

    • Kit Cases

    • Bone Screws

    • Cervical Plates

    • Multi-Level instruments 

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