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Graphic Shapes

FMD / Polyjet 3D Printing

CMM Fixturing (FDM)

Utilize FDM 3D Printing to create fixturing for CMM work holding and/or create a FDM 3D Model to generate the CMM program prior to the 1st pc being completed from the CNC Machine. 

FDM 3D Printed CMM Fixture

Create Functional Prototypes (FDM)

With a 3D model of a new or existing design we can create a functional prototype to utilize proof of concept in less time than conventional machining or injection molds.

Functional 3D Prototyping

Intricate Vise Jaws or Work Holding (FDM)

Create work holding for metal working, woodworking, testing of products to provide strong and reliable tooling to save time whie cutting costs.

FDM 3D Printed Vise JAW

What is Polyjet 3D Printing?

Polyjet 3D Printing is an advanced 3D printing technology compared to FDM. FDM has a average layer thickness of .005-.013 thick vs polyjet that is similar to your inkjet printer except it has a Z-axis that builds layers at 18 microns (0.0007 in.). This technoloy not only allows an almost seemless vertical build, but also is capable of multi-color life like using a polyjet 3D printer. This technology allows us to put an exact sample of the design as you see it on your screen.

Fast Prototype 3D Prototyping

Life like prototypes (Polyjet)

With this polyjet 3D Printer service your design can provide a quick full color proof of concept that you will be able to hold in your hand as if it is the finished product. 

Full Color 3D Printed Polyjet Image

3D Rendering Software to 3D Printed Proof of Concept

Our Polyjet 3D printer is capable of taking your 3D rendered design and create a life like proof of concept that will be as close to the final product and reduce lead time to market. This process is similar to a paper inkjet printer, but the Polyjet 3D Printer Materials build up layers to create your product into reality.

Take your 3D Model to Reality with Polyjet full color 3D Printing.
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