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WHY Tii-Medical


At Tii-Medical, we are inspired by our customers' cutting-edge designs and are committed to sharing our 22 years of tribal knowledge in manufacturing surgical instruments to help streamline manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and improve delivery times as a value-added service. With our vertically integrated capabilities allow us to manufacture most surgical instruments from start to finish in-house, ensuring high quality and efficiency. Our services include: 7-axis Swiss Machining, CNC-Machining, Assembly, Heat Treat, Passivation(A967) & Laser Marking.

We are here to support you in overcoming any of your manufacturing bottlenecks. Reach out to Tii-Medical to see how we can assist in achieving your goals.

Mission Statement:

At Tii-Medical, we believe that the commitment we provide to each customer, allows us all to succeed and grow together. Our core objective is to provide vertically integrated services to our customers that will yield them with a measurable ROI. Our mission is to supply our customers with cost effective solutions to the medical device industry.

Quality Policy Statement:

At Tii-Medical, we take pride in meeting the requirements of our customers, both internal and external. To enhance overall customer satisfaction, all employees follow practices to maintain the effectiveness and implement improvements to our Quality Management System.

Tii-Medical ASR ISO13485Cert
OGP Vision
OGP Vision Inspection
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