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WHY Tii-Medical


At Tii-Medical, we are inspired by our customers' cutting-edge designs and are committed to sharing our 22 years of tribal knowledge in manufacturing surgical instruments to help streamline manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and improve delivery times as a value-added service. With our vertically integrated capabilities allow us to manufacture most surgical instruments from start to finish in-house, ensuring high quality and efficiency. Our services include: 7-axis Swiss Machining, CNC-Machining, Assembly, Heat Treat, Passivation(A967) & Laser Marking.

We are here to support you in overcoming any of your manufacturing bottlenecks. Reach out to Tii-Medical to see how we can assist in achieving your goals.

Lateral Inserter
7-axis Swiss machined components
Locking inserter
Inserter 2
Micro Machined Jaws
Inserter Assembly
Swiss machined Taps
Variety of Swiss Machined Medical Devices
Tack & Screw
7-Axis Swiss Machined Medical Device
Inserter 4
Screw Sizing Template
Inserter 3
Tap Assembly
Cervical Inserter
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