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3D Scanning and Applications

We use the latestArtec technology to supply you with a quality 3D scan. See how 3D scanning can help you by selecting a video below for applications that meet your needs. 


Process Flow of 3D scanning and import into Solidworks to be able to alter, reverse engineer or inspect the scan.

Screenshot (34).png

3D Scanning A Car with Artec Leo Handheld 3D Scanner

3D scan a car to create a digital 3D image to be used in the metaverse, reverse engineer or a digital marketing tool. 

Scan Car.png

Redesigning an exhaust system with Artec Leo

Using 3D scanned data to create a custom exaust system for a car.


An Artec 3D and SOLIDWORKS workflow, explained

Reverse Engineer a product using scanned data to create a Solidworks 3D Model that can be turned into a dimensional drawing, digital image or we can manufacture a product using CNC machining or 3D Printing. 

Flange Overlay.png

Artec Leo: 3D Scanning Statues

3D scan a statue to create a replica in the virtual world or to be 3D Printed

Screenshot (36).png

3D Body Scanning For Medical Applications

3D scan a person to create a digital image for medical or personal application including weight loss, muscle growth and tattoo renderings.

Scan Body.png
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